Instrumental Works

"Concertino for Bass Clarinet & Orchestra," "Tribute to Duke Ellington" for orchestra, ensemble pieces with various instrumentation, "String Quartet," tangos for piano, violin, and accordion, and various combinations, "Piano Quartet" commissioned for young students, organ works, many pieces commissioned for public television including computer, synthesizer, harp, flute, guitar, piano, prepared piano, oboe, and music for dulcimer, banjo and guitar, as well as many different combinations of instruments, including traditional percussion, Latin American percussion, "homemade" percussion.

Musical Theatre Works

Complete shows and songs for Mt. Lake, MN Centennial and "Fidel,"incidental/dance music for "A Christmas Carol", "Monday After the Miracle" and "To Kill A Mockingbird" and "Between the Pages."

Television Works

"Land Between Two Rivers" for public television, incorporating compositions in many styles and genres including jazz piano and jazz quartet pieces, and numerous combinations (see listings under "Instrumental Works"). Other works for Minnesota Cable Television and Manhattan Cable Television.

Ballet Works

"Timezone" for Piano, Harp, and Cello; "Prairie Scenes Ballet" for various instrumentation, and "The Tango Issue" for Piano, Violin, and Accordion; Four-hand Waltzes, Mazurkas, and various short dances.

Piano Works

Numerous short student pieces for publication, jazz piano works, twelve-tone pieces, tangos, pieces for meditation, "Old American Cowboy Songs" (piano four-hand,) "Chaconne" (1982), concert works and numerous program pieces and piano rags..
See Old American Cowboy Songs in Concert!

Vocal and Choral Works

Sacred and secular songs in English, Latin, and Spanish; choral works based on Psalms, choral works for services (introits, choral responses and gospel arrangements).

Requiem - for the Victims of Genocide for Chorus and Orchestra (World Premiere: November 21, 2010, 3:00 PM, Patchogue United Methodist Church, Patchogue (LI) NY, " astonishing and beautiful handling of an obviously difficult subject. The Requiem... looked at the horrid occurrence of genocide in various lands. The SilverCloud Singers participated in a look at genocide inflicted upon native people, and the Requiem... proceeded to address genocide in Rwanda, Cambodia, China, Russia, and the Holocaust - while employing music and words written to reflect the beauty, majesty, and soulful struggles of each of these peoples and cultures". Dwight Lee Wolter, Pastor, Patchogue Congregational Church. "...a life-altering experience." Connie Kauffman, Music Teacher "Thanks for the very inspiring music today, Edward. ...We all were...amazed to hear the wonderfully modern but understandable music come from the musicians. Elaine was an excellent choice to conduct...Your compositions had a flow to them that kept the audiences' attention. An occasional"up" tune would break the rhythm of solemn tension that was created, recharging the audience for the next genocide. Excellent timing! ...It is a work of great importance." Tom Wolf, retired Music Teacher
An additional review can be found on this hyperlink to TheaterScene.Net:  Theater Scene

Excerpts from the Liner Notes (by Erik Tans, MMC Recordings)

Concertino for Bass Clarinet and Orchestra A concertino is necessarily smaller in scale than a concerto, but C. Edward Hupton has not sacrificed any depth of emotion or instrumental bravura in his work, adding a wondrous entry into the canon for Bass Clarinet. Hupton gives the bass clarinet a dancing, angular melody that at once both delights and teases the intellect. Piano Quartet Music as entertainment is in C. Edward Hupton's blood, and his Piano Quartet shows this with style and intelligence. The Quartet is a triptych, melding popular song forms and styles with all of the subtle possibilities of chamber music.